Teddyy Changing Mats: My Favorite Helper

As a new mom, I am always on the hunt to find new and useful products for Rudi. It was only recently that I found Teddyy Changing Mats on Amazon and after reading its rave reviews, I decided to buy it. 

I am really glad that I chose to opt for it and added it to Rudi’s essentials. Rudi is just one year old, so whatever I use on him, it has to be perfect and delicate on his soft and sensitive skin, as baby skin is quite prone to catching infections and adverse reactions. 


After purchasing these mats, I started using them in the following manner: 

  1. For changing Rudi’s diaper. Once it’s spread on the bed and you’ve put your baby on it, you have enough space left where you can keep the diapers and wet wipes, protecting your bed sheet from any mess. 
  2. I prefer to have Rudi take his afternoon naps without wearing diapers. So I make him sleep on this mat, as they are highly absorbent and are made of soft spongy material which keeps him dry and comfortable. Preventing any leakage and discomfort. 



This mat has the following components: 

  1. It’s soft, spongy material which helps in absorbing all the leaks and spills. Hence keeping the baby dry and comfortable
  2. It has an antibacterial cover which protects the baby from catching any infections
  3. A special criss-cross design to prevent leakages and spills
  4. A waterproof back sheet to reduce the risk of staining 

Teddyy Changing Mats are designed to be disposable, keeping the hygiene factor in mind. No more washing and reusing spoiled, smelly mat again. 

With modern times, life is getting easier and safer. Our babies are lucky enough to be born in this era where we parents can pamper them with all things good, without compromising on their hygiene. Our mothers have really suffered a lot due to a lack of knowledge and options in their time.

But with a game-changing product such as Teddyy Changing Mat, there is no need to compromise either in the health and hygiene of your baby or with our own mental peace. 

These easy-to-carry mats can be easily kept in the baby’s diaper bag. They are handy and light-weight. I have been using these disposable changing mats for a while now, and really loved the experience. Mummies, go grab your packet from Amazon at a discount on the original price of Rs. 299/-. A single packet has 10 mats. 

Do share your experience of using these mats with us and let us know how these mats made your life easier. 


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