Hi, lovelies!!! I have not written for a while and after getting inquiries from few of you, I finally decided to write something for you all. It feels really good and worth writing when you know people are waiting to read your content. Thank you all for all the love. ❤

In today’s blog, I will be talking about GlamEgo. GlamEgo is a brand that provides beauty box with all the premium and luxury products at affordable prices and with an impressive packaging.

March is their Anniversary month. They have turned one. To celebrate, Glamego has launched an anniversary edition in which you are getting all premium brands at a very affordable price. Pamper yourself with Rs.2000 worth products in just Rs.299.


I recently got my premium product box from Glamego and I’ll be talking about each product.

  1. Mond Sub Black Mask


This unisex peeling off charcoal mask does wonder to your face. It is launched first time in India with a promise of clearing impurities from your skin.

How to use: 

Apply gently on your face except for eyes and lips. Wait till it dries off completely before you peel it off.

2. Bella Voste Eye-Makeup


Bella Voste Mascara is made in Germany or formulated in Italy.

How to use and after effects: 

Apply to your lashes upward way and let it dry. This will make your lashes look long and curl till the time you will not wash your face. It’s not waterproof.

3. Kronokare – Hair Spray Pollu Stop


We cannot stop pollution but we can stop pollution from affecting our hair. This solution from Kronokare is a prove.

How to use: 

Spray this solution all over your hair before stepping out. You can use this before ironing or any other hair/heat styling for protection.

4. Aroma Magic


An amazing Oxy reviving overnight leave the pack. After facing so much pollution in a day, your skin demands fresh oxygen, this product does exactly the same.

5. Bella Voste Nail paint


There are numbers of shades to choose from. I picked this from the lot. Apply double cot for the best result.

This was all! This is what all I had in my Glamego box, you can order yours from you can also find them on Instagram

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Stay tuned and stay glamorous!



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