A day spent in Abu Dhabi

Today on our blog I will be talking about less explored but a must visit Abu Dhabi. We all know Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second most popular city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the most popular being Dubai. 

Abu Dhabi is 139.2km driving from Dubai, that comes somewhere between 1hour 35minutes. 

One should visit Abu Dhabi if you are in Dubai. As it won’t take much travelling time, plus you can cover the must-visit places in a day.  

It was 2nd Dec 2017, when I and my husband planned our ever first trip to Dubai. It was a week trip, and we kept a day for Abu Dhabi. We hired a cab and started our 1 hr 25mnt journey to the second most popular city of UAE. 

The areas we covered are: 

1. Ferrari World

The most popular amusement park as per my belief. It’s located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The making of the park started in 2007 and after three years it opened for the public in 2010. 


Not just popular but also the first Ferrari theme-based amusement park which has the largest frame structure ever built record.



Have you heard about, the world’s fastest roller coaster? well, you’ll find it here! 


2. Sheikh Zayed Mosque 

Another must visit place in Abu Dhabi. It is the largest Mosque in the country and it’s said that during Eid more than 41,000 people visit it. 

Designed by Syrian architect Yousef Abdelky, constructed between 1996 and 2007. 






3. Emirates Palace

It is a five-star hotel located in Abu Dhabi. This place is not much explored by tourists as enter to the palace was earlier restricted only to its guests. But now the Palace is open the tourists as well.










4. The Heritage Village

Heritage Village is a perfect place to jump and swim into the Emirate’s past. This place is a beautiful reconstruction of the traditional Oasis village. This place conduct crafts workshop and monthly cultural festival.





This was our last destination in Adu Dhabi.

We covered these 4 places in one day and reached out hotel back in Dubai during dinner time.

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Thank You 🙂  

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