The Wedding Saga

This blog without any doubt is going to take me for a walk down the memory lane. Since our childhood, we girls always fantasize about our marriage. Being a bride is a dream, a girl sees since her play days.  Dad, “I want to look like a princess.” We all must have said this!

IMG_20170908_021433_135Since wedding season is around the corner and all the brides to be must be running all around for shopping. In this blog, I will be sharing few tips for all of you.

It’s been 2 years I have been married and till date I really praise all the things I picked for my D-day. Why I am so proud of my choice is because everything I wore was Comfortable!

Yes, looking beautiful and appleaing is important but not on the cost of your comfort.

Henna Design; Less is no, simple is no. It has to be till your elbow and till your knees. Do not forget you are the bride. Less is for guests.


 Jewelry! They say, a bride should wear heavy jewelry to give the impact. But I ask, “WHY?” Let’s ditch the heavy golden color jewelry and patch up with some elegant Kundan jewelry. Kundan not only looks pretty but graceful.




Lehenga!!! Every girl takes months to finalize this. And why not? These days what I am noticing is that girls have started experimenting with the outfit color. But I personally do not suggest that. It’s old but true till date; Bride = Red! I am very much in support of either red or pink color lehenga. A bride cannot look more beautiful in any other color.


Makeup; I chose to go with the minimal makeup. I do not prefer changing face. Girls, you all must be checking out pictures of your friends or others, it’s a request do not get carried away with anyone, be yourself, do not try to look someone else. Remember this is a big day and it will never come back.


High Heels; It’s obvious heavy lehenga demands high heels, but how much high? Keep them average and comfortable. while shopping, high heels will tempt you, but do not forget you have to walk till stage in those high heels and that heavy lehenga.



You must be thinking I am scaring you, but no, I am not. Just making all you pretty ladies caution that one bad decision can change your Big day into a sad day.

IMPORTANT TIP: Look crazy, be crazy, be yourself and be a bride thousand wants to look like! Don’t be nervous. Behave just like your dad’s little girl, your group’s crazy member, your mom’s sweetheart and yes, your would be husband’s hotness!!!


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