Reasons to go for a Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Because it’s trending!!! But why do anybody has to follow what’s trending?

Here is the answer!

Pre wedding photoshoot is a session where you get involved with your better half before the final day. This shoot is planned by the couples prior to their D-day because it’s beautiful, you spend quality time in front of the lenses, you get to know each other more and start feeling comfortable before the wedding day (I am sure it’s necessary). And if by any chance you are camera conscious then trust me this is the best way to get rid of ‘Camera nerves’ to avoid photobomb.

Most importantly you also get friendly and comfortable with your photographer that results in much better and quality pictures on your wedding day. I would say it becomes risk free as from the pre wedding shoot you will get to know your photographer’s style and capability.

You need to believe me when I say that pre wedding photoshoot is more memorable than the wedding photoshoot. I am saying this by my own experience. Here I share with you few of my pictures from Pre wedding photoshoot.

  1. Get Candid!! 



2. Be Glamorous! 


3. Be Romantic!! 



5. Be Thematic and create a fusion.




These are few clicks from my pre wedding photoshoot that I cherish even today after 2.5 years of my marriage (this also became a reason to write a blog on this.)

Before you plan for the shoot, read these do’s and don’t. Yes, because this isn’t as simple as it looks.


  • These pictures are going to be in your folder for the rest of your life and there should not be any compromise. Before selecting your photographer know everything about him. Look at his portfolio. Ask about his experience. Ask him to show the samples. Be confident about him.

The man behind the camera in my photos is Vishal. Follow the link below for his contact.

  • Post that be selective of the location and clothes. Select a location and set your wardrobe that suits your theme. I choose village theme and did a fusion of western and Indian wear. I got my Shoot done at my personal farm house, located on Jaipur highway road.






  • Pick a suitable time for your shoot. Preferably start your shoot from morning that will go till evening. Morning because pictures come out really nice in the natural lights. Plus subject looks fresh.
  • Be on time! Punctuality is always a plus point anywhere. It plays the same role here too. If you will be punctual you will be clam plus your photographer would be happy too.


  • Do not play with your looks. Yes! look what you are not what you want to. In the urge of going for a makeover on the shoot day, can do a backfire and your entire shoot can lead to be a disaster.
  • Don’t be dominating. Let your partner also suggest a place or outfit. You both should be very confident and comfortable with your decision else photoshoot will be hampered. There is a wide difference between a satisfied face and a compromised face and camera has a power of capturing every detail.
  • Do not under estimate your health. Take proper meals and a beauty sleep before the shoot. If you are not feeling well on the day of shoot, request your photographer for a new date.

This is all I have to say. Everything I have written is completely based on my personal experience and outcome. Let  me know what do you feel about all this in the comment box below. Do like, share and subscribe if you liked reading it.

Stay Tuned for more blogs!!!

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