HEADPHONES; Silent Disco in the town

Silent Disco as we all know is a party theme where we tap our feet on music listened to via wireless headphones instead of speaker system.
This is an unique concept to enjoy party from dawn to dusk. Music is broadcast through a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone’s receivers worn by the people.


With the growth of club culture, the fun of music listening has evolved a lot. Party goers can understand this better!

Silent disco headphones is a completely new age thing that is very easily and smartly sweeping over the world party nights and getting into our nerves.


I have been seeing such parties in films and always used to wonder that when will I get to enjoy a silent disco party?

And then one day I was invited!
Invited to attend a party I always wanted to experience. It was a silent disco’s invitation which has recently launched in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India.


Yes, there is a good news for party freaks and perticularly for those who wants to feel silent disco like I wanted.

HEADPHONES, club has recently opened it’s door in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India.

Ofcourse I got too excited for this. Finally it was happening!!! It was exactly like what I have been seeing in the films. Same concept and same feel.

There was a very low background music for those who do not feel like listening to the headphones and wanna chit chat.
Rest were enjoying supper loud music on their headphones and were partying hard!


They serve all kinds of cockatils and mocktails.
I had few starters and they were decently done.
So basically, with great concept you gotta enjoy great drinks and some yummy food.

The place is very well managed with eye catchy decor.


To know more about this newbie in Punjabhi Bagh, follow the link below:

Find this restaurant on Zomato | Headphones, Punjabi Bagh http://zoma.to/r/18535837

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