She raise a toast to herself because…

While figuring out what she wants to be and making her life’s plan, she became what she was suppose to be and there she learnt ‘you do not make plan, plans are made by life when you are busy planning life.’


While she was playing happy pillow fights, life pushed her from the bed and she experinced the pain!


While she was enjoying her fairy lifestyle and assuming it’s going to be a happy ending, things turned up side down.
What she always wanted became “I do not want it.”


She understood the world when the rest were deciding what to wear to the next party!

She has seen the horrors of hell; she has encountered the darkest of time that made her hard and tough.

Today She is tough enough to not let anyone hurt her again!
Hard enough to not let anyone break her down again!


She now walks with fearlessness of the wolf and She lives with the bravery of lion. Today She live with wolves without a fear because those wolves know that there is a lion among them!


She was poetry in a world that was still learning the alphabet.

She is a featherless bird who used her legs to walk miles and today despite of no feathers she is flying high and above their reach!

Now she has fire in her soul and grace in her heart!
She use her smile like a loaded gun.


Today she raise herself a toast for giving back, for not letting things or people hurt her anymore, for not licking people’s ass to list herself in their good books, for being blunt and clear and for being rebellious.

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