TOSH; Land of hash and aura of trance.

Bored of mainstream tourist places? What about escaping for a weekend in an isolated land?

Villages are underrated, they are tagged as poverty stricken. But a village on a hill between the most breath taking view is worth your visit.

Tosh is located at the end of Parvati Hills in Himachal Pradesh, situated 7874 feet above the sea level.


The drive to tosh is not that simple, you are going to enjoy the bumpy ride. If you are crazy for off ride drive, this is a must visit place for you. To enter the village, one needs to walk. Again this walk is not a daily walk, you will be crossing small houses and treating your eyes with beautiful greenery view. Smell the nature and pamper yourself with the nature’s aura.


pavitri valley 1

As this place is a new tourist destination for travelers, you won’t see any hotels or cafes. Tosh has guest houses with a common washroom. Don’t you think that is again a different experience in itself? For me it is.


On my visit, we were 6 friends and we drove to Tosh when we visited Kasol. From Kasol it took us 1 hour to reach Tosh. We crossed Manikaran too. We did not stay in Tosh, it was a to and fro drive. Drive to Tosh is an ultimate fun, this was our best drive as of now.

So what are you thinking, plan your next trip to Tosh and collect the best off road drive memories.

Get yourself indulged in an endmost experience!!!

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