Diggin is a very special cafe to me as it is located in front of the college I graduated from, Gargi. Whenever I visit this cafe it makes me go nostalgic. I feel drown in my old college days whenever I visit Diggin.

When I used be a student this cafe wasn’t there. Instead of Diggin there used to be a CCD outlet. Bunking the classes only to chit chat with girl friends sitting outside CCD was a bliss! I remember calling that area as ‘across’

“Let’s go and sit across.” This used to be the favorite dialogue of every girl in Gargi. Days gone, with new generation came the new meaning of chilling with friends. Diggin has changed the look and feel of our lovable place ‘across.’ Today across looks classy and sassy and yes developed!!! 😀

I count Diggin among the most amazing downtown cafe style restaurants in the city. It is tucked in a cozy corner of a busy South Delhi road.


Away from the main stream overly designed cafes, Diggin has decorated itself with nature. You will feel yourself close to nature as it has so many plants and trees all around.

The greenery of this place is something that must to experienced. In a busy and congested city like Delhi, its hard to find a place decorated with flora and fauna.





On my visit to Diggin, I had a Veg Pizza, Garlic Breads, Virgin Mojito and Iced Tea.

Food and service here is apt. No complaints anywhere. Staff is friendly and serves your food at a promised time.

I am a big time fan of Pizza and Iced Tea and normally judge places on the basis of these two. So I give Diggin 5/5.





To know more about Diggin, follow the link below:

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