Garnet Glow Tea

Late nights… Laptop… Hot Tea… Nice dream!

I am sure my many followers are tea lovers. So, this post is specially for my tea drinkers. I am not a tea person, but just to review these amazing flavored leaves from Garnet Glow I decided to give my taste buds a chance to taste tea for the first time and make my readers know what they are lacking behind by not tasting this tea yet!

Recently I got sample parcels of three delicious flavored teas from Garnet Glow for the review. These were the three flavors:

Apple Darjeeling Tea

It is a fine quality of black tea that contains oven-dried apple flavor.  Garnet Glow maintains the standard by correctly balanced and refreshing aroma.

Apple tea stand to be famous and in demand all over for its delicious taste and for its health benefits like; Anti-cancer, bone-health, weight loss and many more.

Read more and buy your apple tea from the link below:


Oolong Tea

Enjoy that earthy taste in this packet of Oolong tea. Along with that amazing taste and aroma of fresh fruits get sorted with your health as it lowers cholesterol, aids digestion and much more.

Know more about Oolong tea and buy this healthy delight from the link below.


Jasmine Green Tea

Among all these three, Jasmine Green Tea stands to be my favorite. I just loved this black tea with its sweet scent of Jasmine.

As I said Garnet Glow teas come with perfect health benefits, so Jasmine is good for preventing cancer, weight loss, anti-aging and much more.

Learn more on Jasmine Tea and grab your packet from the link below:


How to brew the Garnet Glow tea?


Simply add a teaspoon of tea leaves in the tea pot and pour a cup of water. Let it boil for 2-3 minutes. You can add sugar as per your taste. After it gets boiled properly, stain and enjoy that hot cup of tea!

Apart from these three you can get indulged with many other flavors from Garnet Glow. follow the link below to grab your tea.

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