The Bohemian Kitchen

Let me take you to Pune this time. How’s the idea? 🙂

Many of you must have been to this beautiful city before and must have tried cafes as well. Pune is very popular for its party nights and crazy food outlets. Today via my blog Let me introduce you to a new café that has recently opened in Pune.

The Bohemian Kitchen!

The Bohemian Kitchen has recently opened its door in Kharadi for all you lovely people. It’s a small little cafe that provides an indoor and an outdoor sitting.
They have this wonderful concept of live kitchen. So you can keep your eyes on the food that the chef is preparing for you.
The café facilitates breakfast, home delivery, smoking area, all day breakfast and  wifi.

Timings: 10am to 12 midnight

What to eat?

Food here is served on a very reasonable price. You will get to eat Continental, American and Italian cuisines. I would like to suggest you to go for white Sauce Pasta, Garlic Breads, Burgers, Pizza and French Fries.


To know more about Bohemian Kitchen, Click the link below:

If you have been to this café before, comment below your experience.

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