White Shoes; No or Yes?

I vote, YES!

In the recent times white shoes have emerged as the fashion statement in the fashion world. Everyone owe a pair of white shoe of their own choice. white is a color that just can’t go wrong if carried rightly! white is bright and it demands a perfect color to twin with.

I owe my whiteness from http://streetstylestore.com/

In this blog I am sharing my looks with that pair of white grace!

  1. That Airport Look!


2. Get Set go for the Lunch Date! 


3. Clubbing without those heels! 


4. That casual outing.


I matched my whiteness with all the bright colors to give them a proper justice.

  • White shoes goes well with short dresses.
  • If you wanna pair it up with long dress, make sure it has side slits, else drop the idea.
  • Wear it at day time to get the best out of it.
  • White is pure and the best and it comes with a promise to grace your personality  a level up. Be confident and show that model walk to us. 😉

Stay Tuned, will be sharing more looks in my whiteness with you all. 🙂

If you liked reading it, share, like and comment. Thank you! ❤

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