Sinnu Stories

Sinnu is a nick name given to me by my parents. This is the name by which they call me every time and everywhere irrespective of the fact whom I am standing with. Yeah! :/

This made me embarrassed at times when I was a kid. Even at school in front of teachers, this was the name I used to be called out by. :/

I remember when all my friends started calling me by the name Sinnu and I used to get irritated. But my parents never stopped calling me by their favourite name “SINNU”

But with time this became my favourite too. I used to feel happy whenever I was called by this name. I don’t remember when was the last time my parents called me Sneha. I really wonder why they even named me that. They should have named me Sinnu Yadav instead Sneha Yadav. 😀

Today staying away from them, what I miss the most is this name to be called after every second. 🙂

So, while I was struggling with a new name for my blog, this strike me the best. Sinnu Stories.

From now onwards delhiitefoodieblogger is Sinnu Stories. My nick name will be my brand and I will be sharing my life’s experiences with all of you.

Stay tuned with Sinnu for food, fashion and travel updates. ❤

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