The Grub Fest 2017!

The next weekend you do not have to think and decide which cafe or pub to visit and party. Delhi is bringing all the party hubs at one place! Yup, that’s right!  If you are in Delhi on the dates 17th 18th and 19th March then I have a great news for you.

Common! Keep Scrolling.


Have you heard of The Grub Fest? Or may be I just ask how often have you attended it? People who already know about this, must have saved the dates by now and for the rest I’ll make sure, you all save your dates by the end of this blog.

The Grub Fest; India’s Premiere Food Festival Welcomes you all!

It is the biggest and most vibrant three-day food festival in the country. Various cafes and food owners install their food stalls to satiate your unsatisfied craving. You will get to see the most famous food outlets and all your favourite cafes and pubs waiting for you on the ground of Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi, Delhi.

What all is lined up for you?

ANISH SOOD : He is an Indian electronic dance music producer and DJ

Catch Anish Sood LIVE on Friday, 17th March at 8:30pm.



Catch these music stars LIVE on Saturday, 18th March at 6pm.


Tickets are LIVE!!

Either stand in a queue or book your tickets online and enter directly!


So are you excited? Because I’m supper excited. I’m sure I am going to see many of you at the event on at-least one of the dates. See you party freaks and ultimate foodies.

For more details feel free to visit their Facebook page. Below is the link

Stay tuned with delhiitefoodieblogger for more such event updates.

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