Pa Pa Ya!!!

Hi Foodies!!!

Well, it’s been really long that I haven’t written any blog. Too many responsibilities around that at times there is no time for blogging. But this blog has to come up! Why? Well! keep reading…

Last night I visited this newbie restaurant with my friends for dinner and it has taken my heart. Such an elegant and sophisticated place that one would love to visit.

It has opened on the fourth floor of Select Citywalk mall, Saket. Pa Pa Ya is the talk of the town since it has opened. And it has all the reasons to be famous.

Not just the ambience gives you an ecstatic feeling but the food too is delightful! Pa Pa Ya serves you Asian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine.

It welcomed us with Watermelon Amouse Bouche. They say that this little drink helps in keeping good appetite.


The menu here is vast and unique that becomes tricky to order on your own so we took help from the server. The staff here is very  helpful and friendly! Sushi Lovers just can’t miss on The Sushi Boat…

They had a very not so common dim sums. We had chicken, pork and lamb dim sums, out of which my favourite is chicken dim sums.

Chicken Shawarma is not an alien dish to anyone. But once you are at Pa Pa ya, this dish becomes a must to order. Too delicious!


In Drinks we ordered cocktails. They serve amazing cocktails to make you tipsy! This was the vodka based cocktail with vanilla ice-cream at the top! And the other one is my all time favourite Red Wine Sangria, with vodka mix. This was the first time I had vodka diluted Sangria else all other places mix rum in it.

The Chocolate Ball on fire! Last to eat and must to eat… This is the show stopper of Pa Pa Ya!!! If you visit it and do not order it, your visit is incomplete.

If you have visited Pa Pa Ya before, feel free to share your experience with me by commenting below. And for those this place is new, give it a visit this weekend!

Stay tuned with delhiitefoodieblogger for more food blogs and make your life simple by making a cafe visit choice!

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