Nightlife in Connaught Place

It’s not a secret anymore that Connaught Place is creating a buzzing atmosphere. As night draws, the area turns into the peppiest and livelier with numerous bars and clubs.

CP is my personal favorite place to hangout and I have visited many cafes here. After doing a really good brain storming I present you few of the best night stops in CP where I enjoy drinks sitting in a luxurious ambience and soak up the energy.

  1. Lord of the drinks

With the due respect to all the cafes, pubs or lounges, Lord of the Drinks is the best running lounge these days. It has become a party statement with the most mesmerizing ambience you will enter into. You will be tempted to explore every nook and corner and absorb it all.

Be it drinks, food, ambience or music no one does it better than LOD! Like its name this place is one of a kind.


Know more about LOD:

  1. My Bar Headquarters

This is mainly known and preferred for its cheap price and wide variety in alcohol. This is one place which will be always jam packed, especially on weekends. It has a great ambience too. I like visiting this place for its hookah and food. They serve the best hookah around. Order anything from the menu you won’t be disappointed, especially their dry chilli chicken. From food, drinks, ambience or hookah they have the calibre of satisfying your hunger with a great taste!


Know more about My Bar Headquarters:

  1. Warehouse Cafe

Since it has opened its door, it has been a favourite spot for the Delhi people. Doing justice to its name, the decor and aesthetics would make you feel that you are actually sitting and enjoying your gala time at the warehouse. The lounge serves numerous hookahs, beers, drinks and delightful food.


Know more about Warehouse Cafe:

  1. The Town House Cafe

Beautifully constructed and is doing everything so aesthetically. Treat yourself on this royal and delightful visit. It comes under one of the most trending places in the area. This place is quite famous for its vibrant ambience and tipsy hookahs. Quattro Formaggi pizza is their must try. Leaving it behind get set ready to loosen your dear money as this place is relatively more expensive.


Know more about Town House Cafe:

  1. Vault Cafe

This is again one chilled out place for the night owls to make merry!  It’s a conceptualize cafe presenting you the rustic ambience along with the world cuisine. As you enter you will be welcomed into a huge tunnel that gives you a feeling as if you are in a vault. Such unusual decor and ambience it has created.


Know more about Vault Cafe:

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