Get Tipsy in style this weekend!

I have planned out a Sangria calendar for you to tipsy in style this weekend! What can be classier than a glass of wine infused with fruits? This Spanish drink has become a rage around the world; it’s no doubt a super fashionable drink. Not just the fruity punch but even the mixed Brandy, Rum or Vodka makes it different from just having wine.

Sangria can be enjoyed in both red and white Wine, but Red Wine Sangria is preferred and tastes better.

Below I have listed few places in the capital where you can taste the tipsy flavour of Sangria this weekend!

  1. Imperfecto

Let Loose in Mediterranean set up at Imperfecto, a cafe at Hauz Khas Village located in the heart of South Delhi. Get pampered by both indoor and outdoor seating. If the weather allows, sit under the stunning sky and enjoy the lovely music with classic red wine sangria. This cafe has successfully managed to maintain its high standards in terms of food, ambience and service.

Know more about Imperfecto:

2. Rose Cafe

It’s a small, little cosy cafe in Saket, located in south Delhi. It gives you a feeling of an old English cafe. They have a very beautifully organised outdoor seating which will make your evening more romantic and indulging over a glass of Sangria.

Know more about Rose Cafe:

3. The Wine Company

The name of the cafe makes it obvious that it’s a European cafe, located in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. Why to satiate yourself with a glass, order a pitcher of sangria and chill with your friends in the beautiful cafe seating. Their hottest or their signature sangria is Peach Melba sangria. Complement your drink with their yummilicious pizza.

Know more about The Wine Comapny:

4. The Hungry Monkey

One of the coolest bars in Delhi located in Safdarjung. This is one cafe which is quit experimental with their drinks. You can enjoy some yummy finger food while enjoying deliciousness of your Red Wine Sangria.

To know more about The Hungry Monkey:

5. Fio Cookhouse and Bar

Enter for an intimate evening of unperturbed Sangria guzzling. Fio Cookhose and Bar at Nehru Place in South Delhi is undoubtedly a winning spot when it comes to Sangria. Ladies can grab some special offers on their visit. Don’t forget to order pasta which is a great dish to have with a glass of wow Sangria.

Know more about Fio Cookhouse and Bar:

This is my list of best spots to enjoy the glass of dazzling Sangria and get tipsy! If you have a different spot to visit for Sangria, feel free to comment below.

Stay Tuned for the next blog!

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