Let’s Puff Away!

Because smoking is injurious to health to those who don’t smoke! This is a blog post like none other. And definitely going to be my personal favourite among all I have written so far. Hookah is my lifestyle and if it’s the same for you then just start scrolling down and start wowing about it!

The hookah wowing has travelled a long way from Middle-East and is spread all over the world, gripping our beloved city too. Let’s take a look at a few of my favourite places where Sheesha/Hookah rules the roost!

  1. OTB (Out of The Box)

Smoke is more enjoyed outdoors. Agree? OTB is one of my favourite cafes in Delhi/NCR. It’s located in Hauz Khas Village, popularly known as HKV among Delhiites. This place has WOW factor in it. Reserve the terrace table and puff away your favourite flavour enjoying the beautiful lake view during a pleasant evening. You can try Kiwi, Paan, Double Apple, Mint and few more flavours.


To know more about OTB:


  1. Adda By Strikers

Located in Gk 1, this place has quite an engaging interior and a small cosy outdoor seating which is quite an impressive place to puff the worries and enjoy the evening. They have all classic hookah flavours like Kiwi, Paan, Green Apple, commissioner and many more.


To know more about Adda By Striker:


  1. Warehouse Cafe

Who has not heard the name of this cafe? The Sheesha aroma hits you as you step inside this much celebrated cafe. They pamper you with herbal flavours along with the regular ones.


To know more about Warehouse:


  1. Mocha Arthouse 

This is a well-known and an old cafe in Vasant Kunj. It has both indoor and outdoor seating. Bored with the water base hookah? No worries! This place offers variety of base like juice, water, alcohol and their signature hookahs are Marrakesh and Cloud 9.


To know more about Mocha Arthouse:


  1. Home Sweet Home

Ha-ha!!! 😀 Yes, that’s right. If you are a true Hookah lover then it’s obvious that you own your personal hookah at your home. Hookahalicious people do not actually need an occasion to puff around. It is just a plus one reason.

How to set up a hookah? Well, follow the steps below:

  1. Clean each part of your hookah nicely before every use. It’s ideal.


2. Pour cold water into the base. You can put ice cubes too to make it even more chilling. (Base can be on anything water, juice, alcohol as per the preference.)


3. Insert the Hookah shaft into the glass base. The stem of the shaft should enter the water. The shaft should be fitted tight to the base. There should be a silicone or rubber piece that fits around the top of the base to make it airtight. If the fit isn’t airtight, the smoke will be thin and difficult to pull.


4. Insert the pipe into the hole on the side of the staff. Just like the shaft these holes should be airtight.


5. Now choose your favourite flavour and drop it into the bowl. Further cover it with foil tightly.


6. Poke holes through the foil using a pin.


7.Place the bowl on the top of the hookah shaft. It should be airtight.


8. Light two coals and place them on the poked foil.


9. Inhale!!! It may take 1 to 2 minutes for smoke to come properly… enjoy and let’s puff away!

If you think my blog is interesting, hit a like and feel free to comment below your valuable feedback. Don’t forget to share your hookah experiences and your favourite smokey places.

Stay tuned for the next blog!!!




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