Delhi Pavilion

Delhi Pavilion; one of the restaurants in WelcomHotel Sheraton, New Delhi has replaced ‘Baywatch’ the old coffee shop.

It has the best, mesmerizing ambience. On your entrance of the hotel you will be welcomed with the royal staircase and high ceiling and huge glass walls. Delhi Pavilion is right at the back of the royal staircase that again gives you a traditional welcome with the nice golden rickshaw greeting you at the entrance and soft classical music playing in the background making the entire atmosphere soothing and relaxing.


The ambience of this hotel is such royal that makes the whole affair look so amazing that gives a feel that you are here for the royal treatment!

Delhi Pavilion organised an event few days back in Bengali Cuisine ‘Bhodrolok Bhoj’ and of course it was a hit! The restaurant is beautifully done keeping the privacy on priority.

They have a well managed bar for the drinkers and smoke lovers can enjoy their smoke in the smoking area.

Our group of 15 people was made comfortably seated at a table. Starters were served on the table and we had to help ourselves for the main meal from the buffet.

Magical food was served  by the Chef Vaibhav and Chef Deepak. My food diary at the pavilion was something like this:

Chicken Kobiraji supper juicy exactly how we expect chicken to be served like.


Bhetki Maach er Paturi which is a fish dish. It is served packed in a banana leaf.

Vegetable Chop served with mustard. I din’t like the mustard much but chop was too soft and tasty.


Beguni taste okay types.


Puchka nothing special you can miss it!


On my main meal I pampered my hunger with the Dal Makhani accompanied by rice. Pieces of Chicken wings are again something that will make you lick your fingers. Yummy!!!


Desserts! what not they have. So many options to choose from. your sweet desires will definitely increase. Pamper your sweet tooth here!

Dig in for the royal treatment! If you know something extraordinary about this place feel free to comment below!

Know more about Delhi Pavilion here:


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