Delhi Goes Bizarre!!!


DELHI!!! Delhi food is a beautiful blend of the culture and diversity.

When you think about the Indian cuisine, you expect rich flavours, the mouth-watering fragrance and eye-watering spices. Tell me if I am wrong. 🙂

But there are dishes that will leave you surprised because it is far from the regular Indian food scenario.

From Old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk to New Delhi’s rocking cafes, Delhi never fails to surprise or shock us with its many culinary delights.

So on the basis of my study I present you five most bizarre food I could locate in Delhi that you must have not even heard of. Ready?

  1. Nihari

This is one dish that was famous and favourite within the royal families. In today’s time it serves ideal nourishment for labourers, rickshaw pullers, coolies and many other looking for a hard work day.

Nihari is a rich, spicy broth made from Buffalo Thighs, Trotters and Brains. It is served alongside hot Tandoori Rotis or preferably Khameerirotis.


This dish is available in ChandniChowk, Old Delhi.

2. Chicken; Not the regular one! 

Not just the regular butter chicken or kadhai chicken, Delhi has more options then you must have heard of.

Have you ever enjoyed chicken with Pao? Try chicken Ishtew; a mild chicken vegetable curry served with Pao.

Not just the famous LittiChokha, we have Litti Chicken as well! It’s whole wheat balls stuffed with spiced sattu served with khada masala chicken and aubergine chokha.



Try these unique chicken dishes at the Potbelly Rooftop Café, ShahpurJat, New Delhi.

3. Brain, Liver & Kidney; I dare you to try! 

Yes you read that correct!

Brain Cury, Liver and Kidney Stew, Lamb Brains and Goat Testicles are on the menu of El Jawahar Restaurant, ChandniChowk.


4. Doh Khileh

Doh Khileh is a bizarre salad from Meghalaya.

It’s a Pork and Onion salad and garnished with Pork Brain. yes you read that right. Pig Brain, anyone?


5. Jadoh

Isn’t this name sounding alien to you? Similar to Pulav but here the main ingredients are rice, cooked with the blood and entrails of Pigs or Chicken. This delicacy is  your regular Pulav but with blood and intestines.

It is a Meghalayan dish wish is available in Hauz Khas cafes in New Delhi.


well! So how you feeling? 😉

If you know any other such bizarre dish that’s available in saadi Dilli then feel free to comment below the name and a bit of description of the dish.


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