Just a day more to go for the weekend. This time let’s cheers to the freaking weekend, Circus style!

New hub to dine in at South Extension 2, New Delhi. Circus enthralls you with its childhood reminiscent circus beauty. This place has it all! The Terrace, the outdoor seating and the indoors. Enjoy the wonderful experience @ Circus where lip-smacking food and stunning ambience come together to give you few hours that will be hard to take off your mind and even harder to wipe it off your memories.

you know you are going to have a great time the moment you get off the lift and enter. You are welcomed by people dressed in great costumes making you believe that you are attending some cosplay at a comic con. As you enter Circus, you are in an astonishment of the beautiful, spacious place that has a huge bar on the left. The place has an even better seating arrangement on the terrace assisted by a bar and a standing area overlooking the main indoor area.

But what beats it all is the ‘Circus 360 degree’ seating area which is located on the terrace and gives a stunning view of the city. As amazing as it sounds, Circus 360 should be the place you should look especially for a party. Apart from this, you have a little private area, book it i advance to enjoy with your loved one!

Not just the ambiance the food here is again something you crave for! On my visit I ordered BBQ Veg Pizza, outstandingly done! Mouth melting spread of toppings with the thin crunchy base. The smoky BBQ flavor is perfect. For a sweet treat try Hot Chocolate Fudge deliciously soft and sweet brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. This hot chocolate fudge is the closest thing to perfection!


So, are you ready for the weekend? May your weekend be full of fun!

More about Circus? Follow link below:







9 thoughts on “Circus

  1. Seems to be an amazing place, with a different theme that promises smile. We ll visit this place on my next tour to delhi.
    Delhi is coming up with so much innovation, Thanks for the insight Sneha 🙂

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  2. I visited this place yesterday with my fiance..
    The food was amazing there.. and a good hukkaa place for hukkaa lovers..
    In events, they have their own circus night on coming saturday and sunday during which the waiters will be dressed up like jokers..
    It will add a lil smile to customers while ordering and while getting ther foor served.
    I loved the place.. must visit..
    Thanx SNEHA for your reviews..
    I ll wait for your new blog so that i dnt have to ask anybdy for a good place.

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  3. Will surely give this one a try 👍🏻
    Suggetion: Pls mention places where children can also accompany 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
    We are no longer HUM DO 💑 Like you 😍
    Just keep in mind HUMARE DO 👫

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