Lights Camera Action


Better days are just around the corner… they are called weekends.  Party people must be looking for a venue to raise a toast.

Lights Camera Action as the name goes, it’s a Bollywood theme cafe, just another place in Hauz Khas Village. You will get the Bollywood kick as soon as you enter the cafe. They have all the famous quotes from Bollywood hanged at every corner of the wall which are funny and interesting to read.

One thing that will for sure grab your attention will be the name of the dishes in their menu. The food is as enthralling as the name given in the menu.

I visited this place on Wednesday, normally cafes do not sound happening on weekdays but this place was rocking, amazing dj. On my visit I ordered a Naanza. The interesting thing about it was the name-Dil Chahta hai. The oozing cheese topped with the perfectly marinated butter chicken gravy, spring onions and garlic aioli. It’s actually a Dil Chahta hai dish, the more I talk about it the more I crave.

Sheesha lovers, you have a life here too! They serve really good smoke to make your visit a bit more smokey!

This place is recommended to all!


13 thoughts on “Lights Camera Action

  1. Great Review..!!
    Will surely be going to ‘Lights Camera Action’ just cuz of this genuine review…
    Waiting for many more 🙂


  2. Hi Sneha…
    Its a very good initiative and i really looking forward for more..regarding this place i visited there few months back..the amazing thing about this place is itself the atmosphere…typical Bollywood style..from quotes on the wall to musics….and as i am a pure vegetarian so i can only say about vegitarian food…so we tried Golmaal Pizza and Ceaser Salad…and both are very good…
    Looking for more blogs..😊😊👍

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  3. Very nice initiative Sneha… For foodies and party lovers like us (& yourself 😉 ) this Naaanza , i’m surely gonna try. Will update about more dishes and ambiance as after reading ur blog I’ve planned to hunt this place tonight.


    Cheers !

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  4. I dont usually follow blogs, but urs is so gud dat i’m actually gonna follow it to get some genuine reviews about cafes😃😃
    Lookings forward to many more from ur end..!!😍☺️
    All the very best girl😃☺️👍🏼

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  5. I am not a cafe lover but can’t resist mouth watering appetizer even if they been served at these places
    Can’t wait any longer to try this out !😋

    Looking this space for more

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  6. Good to know that you are a foodie and cafe lover but I am no foodie at all, I am more to it. 💜
    Thanks for sharing.. (Well ,that was a secret I didn’t know 😉)
    P.s : I will get to know the best places to hangout !! Haha 😊

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  7. I have visited this place and your recommendation for this place has made me consider this place again for Naanza…Thanks for sharing you experience……would love to watch this place if you keep writing….

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  8. I have been considering Sneha’s recommendations for places to visit in delhi and she comes up with a perfect name to suit the mood. Her love of exploring cafes helps me a lot especially in delhi when you see a new name every week on streets and you don’t wanna spoil your getaway.
    After reading the description of Naanza here, despite being a vegetarian, i would like to visit lights camera action to taste Dil chahta hai.

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  9. Reading it I feel I should really visit this place soon…. Sneha has a lovely taste in fun and food both 😉
    so following her taste and idea of fun won’t let your amusement go down.
    Good work Sneha and hope to see more stuff from you soon.
    Cheers till then !!!!!

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